Private Houses For Rent By Owner

Renting a private house or villa for your next vacation might be a very good choice, especially if you are travelling with several other people or going on an extended vacation. Renting a private house is almost always going to be a better option over a cold and impersonal hotel room. It can also be very cheap, depending on the number of people in your party. Let me give you a few tips for finding private houses for rent by owner.

Knowing your property needs is the first and most important step when looking for a vacation property to rent. Some things to consider:

  • Know exactly how many people you will be travelling with and what their ages are. This will help to determine how many beds and bedrooms you should get, among other things.for rent
  • Remember that some bedrooms might come with en-suite bathrooms, while others will probably be much smaller and use a shared bathroom. Make sure that everyone in your party is comfortable with the sleeping/bathroom arrangements.
  • What entertainment facilities do you require? Things like WiFi and cable TV channels might not be available in all the properties.
  • While most properties come with full kitchen facilities, it doesn’t hurt to ask just to be sure, especially if you plan to do a lot of cooking at home.
  • Off-road parking can be a really big issue in some places. Ask the landlord about this.

There are tons of vacation property listings online, but remember that photos and descriptions can sometimes be misleading. Pick up the phone and give the landlord a call – ask them to confirm all property details and extra charges directly over the phone. This is also a good chance to ask them about the area, local weather, and other things.

If you are planning an extended holiday, ask the owner to provide a couple past-guest references. You can also try looking for independent reviews online, though these can be difficult to find.

Most properties will require a safety deposit (often quite large) which should be held in a secure account and paid back to you upon leaving the property. Make sure that you know exactly where your deposit is being held. It may also be a smart idea to pay using a credit card, if the landlord accepts credit cards.

Good luck finding your dream private house for rent!